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Tank maintenance and inspection schedule

To keep your tank water fresh, clean and healthy there are a number of regular things homeowners should do. On a plus, you may find most of these are already part of your general home maintenance.

Maintenance in an area with limited vegetation and regular rainfall will differ from those in a dry and dusty area. Other factors are living in a built up metropolitan area or pumping your water from surface water and groundwater. After a couple of years you will get to know where to adjust the schedule to suit your location.

The one thing which is overlooked is checking inside your tank every couple of years to see how it looks. Every two or three years, it will be time for any accumulated sediment and sludge to be removed.

Generally disinfection or sanitising is not required as part of regular maintenance. Your tank water should only need this when there is a health issue due to bacterial or microbial contamination.

We recommend the following maintenance schedule:


  • Check and clean tank inlet screens, outlet screens and leaf-shedding screens.
  • Check and clean the first flush diverter.


  • Check the roof and gutters and remove debris.
  • Check and replace mosquito meshing if necessary.


  • Check and replace filters if necessary.
  • Check pump and outlets and repair if necessary.
  • Remove overhanging vegetation where possible.


  • De-sludge your tank. A reputable water tank cleaner should be contacted to clean your tank.


Simple home maintenance steps

Regularly checking and cleaning of your roof, gutters, tank screens and tank floor are the basic requirements to maintain the quality of your tank water.

Inlet screen and downpipe which need regular cleaning

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