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Keeping your tank water clean

Proper tank cleaning and maintenance has many benefits.

Unlike mains water, keeping your tank water clean is up to you. Understandably people think their tank water will be fresh and healthy because rain water is harvested straight from the clouds. It falls clean so it must be good when I use it, right? Not always. Without regular maintenance, that fresh rain water you collect can become unusable.

This also applies to tanks topped up from ground or surface water. While it is a different source, you still need to keep an eye on the quality of your tank water.

Your water tank should be providing good quality water which is soft, clear and odourless. Proper tank cleaning and maintenance has many benefits. It reduces the risk of illness and extends the life of your pump, filters and appliances plumbed to your tank. On top of this it saves you needing to add chemicals to sanitise or buy replacement water.

When it comes to water tank cleaning, we have found a number of things some tank owners’ areeither unaware of or are unsure about. This ranges from why their water looks or smells different or what they can do to limit problems occurring.

To help keep your water clean, we have provided some tank tips covering general maintenance information and problems that you may experience.

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