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Water tanks need regular maintenance to ensure the water is safe for all uses around the home, especially for drinking.

CSIRO 2015 survey in metropolitan Melbourne showed an amazing 25% of tanks surveyed had medium to high concentrations of sediment! It is worth regularly checking your tank, especially if you use it for showers, drinking or cooking. While uncommon, the health risks from contaminated water are real – the quality of your harvested water is up to you.

The photo on this page shows what comes out of a tank that hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Even with a maintenance schedule in place, the owners hadn’t been checking the inside of their tank. They had screens and mesh installed on their tank and the gutters were regularly cleaned. Their water had been coming out clear and odour free for over five years.

It wasn’t until his wife became ill that they noticed the tap water had a slight discolouration. As they hadn’t been doing regular tank inspections, the sludge had reached the outlet. This contaminated water was being used throughout the home – the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and vegie patch. They now know the importance of including tank inspections as part of their home maintenance. By checking and cleaning their tank every two or three years, there would be minimal sludge … and health risks. Would you knowingly use this water?

This is just one example of what we come across on a daily basis. The main issue with sludge build-up is the cost of replacing and repairing filters, pumps and plumbed appliances.

Illness from tank water is mainly due to bacterial contamination and may affect seemingly crystal clear water. This is generally caused by animal droppings on the catchment area, pumping surface water which animals frequent or from critters which have died in your tank.

Other contaminants include metals, chemicals and insecticides. These contaminants can be from living in a metropolitan or mining precinct, poor agricultural practices, having your roof cleaned or restored or recent bushfire activities.

On a positive note, reported illness from tank water is minimal. This is why there are no government public education campaigns on maintaining a water tank. When illness does occur though, it can be severe. Unfortunately summer is when you need to stay hydrated but also when illness is most likely. It’s a double edged sword with gastric as you need to drink water but your water is causing it.

If you are ill, please boil your water or buy bottled water until your tank can be cleaned and sanitised. If you have ongoing concerns about your health and water quality, your local pathology lab can do a full testing. Pathology lab tests cover E.coli, Cryptosporidium, metals and chemicals which cannot be identified with home test kits.

when did you last check your tank

How often you clean your water tank is up to you. That said, the Department of Health recommends  you check inside every couple of years to maintain a healthy source of water.

Minimal reported illness from tank water

With proper maintenance, health risks are low when using tank water. This is why there are no government public education campaigns on maintaining a water tank.

raising public awareness

Crystal Clear Water Tank Cleaning is committed to raising the public awareness on the importance of regular water tank maintenance.


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