Flood Recovery

Macleay, Hastings and Manning Valleys

Following the 2021 floods, we have been helping many households on the Mid North Coast impacted by the floods.

The record heights of the floodwaters inundated many water tanks when they became submerged, or the water levels reached either the inlet or overflow outlet on the tanks. This resulted in contamination by bacteria and effluent, making the tank water supply unsafe for consumption, cooking, washing and bathing.

Working both with individuals and insurance companies, we coordinated our schedule with local water carters to ensure homeowners quickly had access to a clean tank and fresh water again.

Among our first jobs were for a couple at the North Shore on the Hastings River. Working closely with their insurance company and a local water cater, we drained and cleaned their contaminated tanks, ready for the load of fresh water which arrived just as we completed the job.

North Shore NSW

Inside tank with cloudy water
Cleaned tank with fresh water on the tank floor

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